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Rules & Information
This contest was created by Gunnison Valley Climate Crisis Coalition (GVC³) to help folks feel more interested and more supported in getting involved in encouraging our local electricity to come from sustainable, green sources instead of fossil fuel sources. Anyone who lives in Gunnison County can play! This is happening already in  x, x, and x! Gunnison by end 2021!

This game is a fun way for us to help Mother Earth. Here are the rules we've made to make it fun and fair, the best we can!

The top scorer will get a yummy $100 dinner at Garlic Mike's Restaurant north of Gunnison.
The game ends July 31, 2020.
We will post the top ten contestants on the home page of the website every few days.
In case of a tie, we will draw a name out of a hat.
No core members of GVC³ can participate. Supporters of GVC³ are welcome to play.
Any age capable of independently reading the questions and answers can play!

QUIZ:  You can play the 10 question quiz as many times as you want. When you have achieved 100%, that will be your score. (So, the highest score you get will be your final quiz score).

--If you pay for your electricity from the City of Gunnison or from GCEA (Gunnison County Electric Association), you can sign up for any amount of green electricity for 300 points. 
--If you don't get your electricity from those two places, or you get it through someone else like a landlord or a parent, you can get points in other ways, like:
Signing up people who would like to be a supporter of our climate organization GVC³ (Gunnison Valley Climate Crisis Coalition) for 100 points each. We don't ask for donations, just to have people on our supporter list will help us get things done. Signing  up a person counts as 100 points. Signing up an organization counts as 200 points.

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