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Cold Climate Heat Pump Workshop
Date: October 17, 2023
Time: 6.00pm -7.30pm
Venue: King Suite, Crested Butte Arts C

Or Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 720 500 5470 
Passcode: netZERO 

Following Crested Butte Town Council’s decision to include the Electrification Amendment in its implementation of the 2021 IECC building code, questions have arisen as to the appropriate heat pump technology to use in consistently cold climates, such as Crested Butte.

GVC3 is pleased to present a workshop to discuss the following:  An introduction to Hydronic Heat Pumps in cold climate applications;

→ How the technology can be used as an alternative to natural gas or propane boilers for radiant heating to help electrify a home;
→ Proven applications of the technology as well as its limitations;
→ Suitability of the technology for new construction and conversion of an existing home;
Options available for cooling and air conditioning; and
→ Performance, efficiency, reliability and an estimate of operating costs and carbon emissions.

The Workshop will be led by Hans Joachim Preiss, whose company, BrightSense, provides solutions to help accelerate the switch to all-electric buildings. BrightSense is a leader in developing innovative mechanical systems using right-sized air-source and geo-thermal heat pumps for the demands of high-performance buildings to ensure an ultra-comfortable indoor climate while operating at peak efficiencies.

Alantha Garrison, Energy Use Advisor at GCEA, will discuss both government rebates available for heat pump systems as well as the local grid resiliency (and the ability of the grid to accommodate the transition to the level of electrification), envisaged by the Town’s Electrification Amendment.

Astrid Matison, Building Official at Town of Crested Butte, also discuss the background to the Town’s Electrification Amendment and future compliance issues.

For further information, please leave a message on 970-349-6223

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