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GVC³: Our Story




A Nonsectarian and Nonpartisan Climate Activist and Advocacy Group


Once upon a time, retired schoolteacher Dana Delaney noticed the closest 9/20/19 Greta Thunberg Global Climate Strike was all the way across Monarch Pass in Salida. So she signed up on their website to host a march in Crested Butte.


Thank goodness a wonderful friend named Randy Swift offered to help. He used his extensive connections to invite the majority of the people who came. (Randy is therefore a founding member of this advocacy group!)


So, we had the march on 9/20/2019! People made awesome speeches, then 200 of us marched from the 4-way up and then back down Elk Avenue. I can still remember that incredible feeling. To have been a part of assembling such a great group of people was breathtaking.

Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) CEO Mike McBride spoke at the rally. Together with Member Relations Supervisor Alliy Sagahun they brought a Tesla 3 for people to test-drive at the protest. Their support was wonderful.

Alliy also made special little forms for us. We signed 25 people up for green electricity on the spot! (Green Power RECs) For only about 65 cents per month!

Alliy was excited because GCEA had had a lot of trouble promoting Green Energy. Sadly, only 5% of their customers had signed up at that point.

Dana still wanted to find a way to sign up the rest of those 8500 people for green power! So easy, so cheap! So she walked over a block and a half and introduced herself to Sue Navy, Red Lady warrior. They had a nice long talk.


Sue was busy with HCCA, but she referred Dana to Deidre Witherell, a local climate activist who was also highly concerned about greening our grid. They had a nice long talk.

Soon after, Dana contacted about 50 people to come to a meeting so we could try to get the whole valley to sign up for green electricity! 

Only 3 people came. 😑. . .

. . . But They Were 3 Very SPECIAL People!​ 😃
Here's who came to that meeting:

1. Nola Hadley 
The "Greta" of Crested Butte ~ On May 24, 2019, Nola was the only student in town who stayed out of high school to participate with the International Youth Strike. She sat in front of the Town Building protesting for the entire day! Wow.

2. Bob Goettge
An exceedingly kind, gentle and brilliant Math PhD, Bob initially wasn't sure he was interested in joining the group. But Bob has already created and initiated several amazing powerful and effective local initiatives already!

3. Kathy Norgard
Kathy has been Dana's dream come true by making this group happen. With a PhD in psychology, Kathy is a natural, seasoned and powerful leader with a zingy sense of humor. She brings us a lot of love and appreciation for who we are and what we contribute. Kathy has brought most of the people to our core group and found most of our supporters as well. 

As you can see above, we also have additional brilliant newcomers who have joined the Climate Contest Committee,

1. Jane Banks 

2. Lucille Lucas

3. Joan Swift

4. And original member Nola Hadley!


(Thanks to Laura Thomlinson who had to step down, but whose brainchild was our awesome "COVID-19/Climate Help" page to help us find a fitting approach during the coronavirus days. Check it out!)

Thanks also to Nancy Gruber-Meier, who has also been keeping our growing supporter email list organized and secure!!

And this is the most difficult part.

The best part and the most real.

Like many, I work on climate for everyone

especially our young people

and most especially for my grandbaby.

It's amazingly hard to really

understand that climate will affect

the ones we love the most, isn't it?

It's so hard to grasp.

But let's DO it anyway,

Let's be in this together.

Even though we can't fully comprehend.

Let's TAKE ACTION together

because together, we CAN.


We are 100% ready to help green and decarbonize this valley, and to take our work outside the valley as well.


You can help us get there. 

We don't need donations.

But the more numbers we have, the more influence we have.


Exponential support.

Exponential influence.

Exponential results. 

If you haven't already,

please increase our impact

by becoming a supporter

on the Home page here!

Email Us:

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