GVC³: What We Do


Working Committees



This committee encourages Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA), Tri-State Generation &Transmission, and people in Gunnison Valley to Green the Grid and Electrify Everything

Chair: Jeff Delaney

Community Involvement

This committee encourages existing community groups in our valley to go green. The committee also assembles new groups to do the same

Chair: Bob Goettge

Building Codes

This committee is helping people build green today and retrofit with a sense of urgency

Chair: Tim Williamson

Climate Contest

We are developing our Climate Action Contest,

an innovative approach to making climate action powerful, fun, engaging and something to enjoy with other people!

Chair: Dana Delaney


This committee is working on growing our organization's support. We currently have over 200 supporters

Chair: Kathy Norgard


This committee consists of Kathy Norgard, Bob Goettge, Dana Delaney, Jeff Delaney, and Sonda Donovan

Core Members

  1. Kathy Norgard (Electrification, Community Involvement, Supporters)

  2. Dana Delaney (Climate Contest)

  3. Nola Hadley (Climate Contest)

  4. Sophia Komarek (Community Involvement)

  5. Oliver Van Tiel (Community Involvement)

  6. Bob Goettge (Community Involvement)

  7. Jeff Delaney (Electrification, Community Involvement)

  8. Deidre Witherell (Electrification)

  9. Sue Williamson (Electrification)

  10. Sonda Donovan (Electrification)

  11. Kevin Ott (Electrification)

  12. Tim Williamson (Community Involvement, Building Codes)

  13. Frank Stern (Electrification)

  14. KeriAnn Conroy (Electrification)

  15. Patrick Church (Community Involvement)

  16. Michael Glaser (Building Codes)

  17. Gesa Michel (Supporters, Community Involvement)

  18. Laird Cagan (Community Involvement)

  19. Chuck McGinnis

  20. Connie Rehberg (Community Involvement)

  21. Hannah White (Community Involvement)


You can help us by becoming a supporter. The more numbers we have, the more influence we have. We are not asking for donations.

Exponential support

Exponential influence

Exponential results


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Email Us: gunnisonvalleyclimate@gmail.com

We advocate for the reduction of Gunnison Valley Greenhouse gas emissions by every reasonable means possible to reverse climate change.


Gunnison Valley Climate Crisis Coalition includes climate activists, scientists, engineers, environmental managers, middle and high school students. We are all concerned citizens.

We welcome and accept people of all races, religions, sexual preferences, political parties, levels of education or income. We care that going green doesn't disturb anybody's ability to make a living. We want a healthy planet for all of us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Contact us at gunnisonvalleyclimate@gmail.com.

We build a coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals to increase EVERYONE'S power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

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